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Have you got an old or scrap vehicle sitting in your backyard?

Is it no more in a useable condition? In that case, it may be no more than a huge chunk of metal. But its junk condition doesn’t indicate that you cannot make money by selling it off. In fact, you can make the best possible money by scrapping it today with trusted team at Cash for Car Sydney. Whether it’s a wrecked car or totalled truck, we are the smartest option to sell your scrap car for top cash. Contact your local Car Wreckers in Sydney today to know the best value of your old car.
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Scrap vehicle sitting in your backyard

Most Experienced Car Wreckers in Sydney

Since we have been helping the community for more than 25 years now, we have got the extensive knowledge in auto wrecking and dismantling business. This also certifies us as reliable buyers for
different kinds of old and junk vehicles. Our team can pick up automobiles from any area in Sydney with the use of effective methods. We will even pay you a fair sum of cash regardless of the totalled or broken condition of your wheels. And, we finish the job by giving environment friendly car dismantling and recycling services. That said, we are also able to provide a wide variety of great quality second hand parts. Need to book a part or request for a generous cash estimate? Call us now @ 0499 110 405

How Much Can You Get for a Scrap Car in Sydney?

With our expert team you will be able to make the maximum amount of money while disposing of your vehicle. So, it doesn’t make sense to let your old vehicle rot in your backyard. You should instead dump it at our salvage yards in Sydney in exchange of highest cash.

If you have a car in perfectly usable condition, you can make up to $12’000 for it. Whereas if you are selling a light weight vehicle like truck, 4wd, SUV or Ute. You can get up to $15’000 for it. However, our cash offers are fairly based on the existing condition of the questionable vehicles. However, you can stay assured that we will give you the best competitive deal in Sydney, NSW.

Scrap Your Car in Sydney to Help the Environment

We know that it could be tempting to abandon your old vehicle once it becomes non-functional. However, most people are not aware of the fact that useless and abandoned vehicles are a silent threat to the environment. It is not always necessary that your vehicle should be running on the road to emit harmful substances in the environment.

Even junk and useless automobiles can have a hazardous impact on the environment. As they can release toxic fluids like anti-freeze, transmission fluid and engine oil.

That’s why our experts make sure to properly remove and drain out all of the dangerous fluids before auto dismantling. It’s only after that we start dismantling automobiles for its components that are in a good working condition. Next, we salvage the steel and metal content for the
purpose of recycling & reusing.

Dump Your Car in Any Condition

When dealing with customers, we find that many of them hesitate to junk their wheels due to its poor shape. Of course, the condition of a vehicle play a crucial role when you decide to sell it through private sale. But when it comes to dumping it in our wrecking there is no way you should be concerned about its condition.

As we are happy to accept all sorts of auto conditions, make and model. There is no problem if your vehicle is a total wreck, junk, crashed, worn-out, burnt, unregistered, flooded or even totaled. We will be still able to recycle it for useful parts and other recyclable materials. By selling second hand components we are able to make a lucrative deal out of every junk vehicle towed to our scrapyard.

Free Car Removal in Sydney, New South Wales

When you need to remove a worn-out, accidental or non-roadworthy vehicle it is important to choose a qualified company. Luckily, there is no one better than us in Sydney when it comes to picking up junk wheels. We are licensed experts for towing away various shapes and sizes of automobiles.

Our Car Wreckers Sydney team aims at giving uncomplicated and simple towing service for scrap vehicle. Beside this we take care to pay best cash instantly prior to hauling away the vehicle. You don’t need to fork out extra cash for this facility. It is accessible for free everywhere in Sydney.

100% Free Car Removal in Sydney assured. We can come to you to assess the value of your vehicle anywhere in Sydney including all the Sydney suburbs.

Used Car Parts Sydney

Our Car Wreckers in Sydney, specialised in purchasing various types of auto models and brands. It could be a popular make of European, Japanese, American, Korean, or Holden brand. Buying such a large variety of vehicles allows us to extract perfect working parts. After safely refurbishing every part we offer them as second hand parts at lowest ever rates. Isn’t this great? You can easily repair your used automobile on a budget, regardless of its make or model. We also offer quick delivery of components in Sydney to give a super convenient service. Though it will cost some extra fees.

30-90 Days Warranty on Second Hand Parts

We believe in offering quality second hand parts offering top notch performance. But if you happen to get a wrong part, there is no need to panic. You can get it replaced at any time. Moreover, we provide limited warranties of 30-90 days, on most parts depending on their nature.

Note – Warranty period can vary for different parts and some parts do not come with any warranty.

Get in Touch with our Car Wreckers in Sydney today!

Want to get the best car removal and wrecking service in Sydney? Get in touch with the leading car breakers like us today. We will evaluate your wheels fairly no matter if it is well maintained or completely broken down. Our knowledgeable appraisers will even ascertain a fair value of your automobile based on its basic attributes. It usually refers to the make, model, year, kilometers travelled and condition.

So, sell your car for the best cash today. Just call our team at 0499 110 405 and they will respond to you immediately. If you need a free auto valuation online, you can get it easily by filling out our electronic quote form. You can find it on our website, check it out today.

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