Get Rid of My Old Car in Sydney vs Keep it forever?
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Should I Get Rid of My Old Car or Keep it?

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Should I Get Rid of My Old Car or Keep it?

Got a question in mind, Get rid of my old car or keep it forever? Sometimes a car breaks down, and you don’t have the money ready to fix it. This is something that happens, so if it has not happened to you yet, don’t worry. It will. What do you do with that car once it breaks down? You can give that car away to someone who doesn’t have one. Or you can Sell Your Car to Wrecker in Sydney. You also have the option of simply storing it somewhere on your property until further notice. That last option is what we will be discussing today.

Storing it? For How Long?

Whether or not you should store the car somewhere can depend on a few things. Let’s start at the most obvious consideration to take note of. How long do you think the car is going to be in this condition for? A car needs to be taken out for a spin at least once a week. If it is going to be out of commission for some time. You had best try to make it as short of a time as possible.

Then there is the cost of storage. If you are going overseas for a few years, which is for example a common thing for people in the military to do, it will be costly. The car will not just suffer from lack of use, but will also be costing a few hundred a month in storage fees. This is one of those cases where it may actually turn out to be a better idea to just sell it.

Perhaps you haven’t yet completed paying the car’s loan off yet. No worries. You can still have a look at the feasibility of selling the car. Maybe it will be possible to sell it and get the amount of money back that will pay off the remaining amount left to pay. It would be preferable to paying off the loan and paying for storage at the same time.

Especially if the car is going to be in bad condition as a result of lack of use at the end of those years. You will be needing to pay repair bills in order to fix the car up anyway.

Your Personal Connection to the Vehicle in Question

Another important consideration that needs to be factored into the equation is how much your car means to you. This is a nebulous and majorly unquantifiable figure. But what you do know is that you have developed a personal connection to your automobile. Selling it will leave you with a sizeable hole in your life.

If the reason for why you are storing it is because you have a work trip overseas that will be lasting for a few months, don’t worry. You can always have it transported to where you will be. It will cost a whole lot of money, but so with having it stored for that amount of time. That solves the sentimental value problem.

Car’s aren’t supposed to be Inactive for Too Long

Car’s that are used regularly will depreciate in value for a variety of reasons. The main one being wear and tear. Moving parts will wear down, and that means most of the car will get worn down. So it may make some intuitive sense that a car that never gets used for ten years will be in exactly the same condition that it was ten years ago.

However, a car that never gets take out for a drive and is left sitting for years will also suffer. It may have been in perfect condition when it was left to sit idle for so long. But the march of time has many tricks up its sleeves.

Primary Causes of Keeping it Maintained

To begin with, there is the moisture that the air we breathe holds. It builds up in every nook and cranny, allowing corrosion to affect every place it touches. Plastic and rubber parts will crack as they dry. The car will have fluids in it such as brake fluid and coolant. They will get old too. Gaskets and seals will get old and be subject to cracking. Any hoses inside your car will probably leak.

There will be stots on your tyres where they have been sitting for such a long time that will begin to take on a flatness. These are all issues that will require repairing.

If you have a car that is being stored for any substantial amount of time, keep in mind that it needs to be taken out for a run. Even if it is just a twenty minute rush around the block. Getting the car to do speeds that exceed 50Km gives the engine a chance to really get its heat on. If there are any pockets of condensation in there, they will soon dry out.

Please note that vehicle history report tells you everything so nothing to hide.

Let a Friend or Family Member Borrow it

This can be a risky option, as you are putting all your trust in someone to take good care of your car. It is perhaps best to choose who to loan your vehicle to, carefully. This will ensure that your car will not fall to pieces as a result of corrosion or lack of use. Make sure you don’t leave any incredibly valuable items in it. Even family members can be thieves. Trust no-one in this cut-throat world.

Selling a Car in Sydney

If your car is in great condition, you should have no trouble selling your car privately or using the trade-in option. However, if your vehicle is broken down permanently, you can sell to an auto wrecking company by contacting car junkyards near Sydney! All you have to do is get in touch with them by calling them up or filling out the form on their main page. They will ask you for the car’s make and model as well as its age and condition. Then they will come over and take the car away, paying you and not charging for the removal.

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